Our Consulting & Training Solutions

We provide these consulting services:

  • Learning & Development: Help business owners implement on-the-job learning solution to engage staff & improve job productivity.
  • Technology: Help business owners leverage technologies to manage, train, engage and retain staff cost-effectively.
  • Game-Based Accounting & Finance Workshop: ​Help business owners train their employees in Accounting & Finance using customised game-based simulation scenarios 
  • Accounting & Finance: Help business owners manage monthly financial statement preparation, reporting and analysis.

Learning & Development Consulting Solution

Digitial Microlearning Consulting - Award Winning

We helped our client, Coleads Business Consulting Pte Ltd, and won the Nov 2016 InnovPlus Flame Award, a competitive grant funded by SkillsFuture Singapore. 

As subject matter experts, we developed the digitized mobile learning nuggets and on-demand digitized job aids content for the project, Tax Tutor.  The project relates to the Corporate Taxation topic, targeted at new staff who joins the company.

TaxTutor received positive responses from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals and it was offered to SIATP members for three months as our give-back to the community.


Sample Screenshots from our award-winning Tax Tutor digital microlearning solution

People Development Consulting - Award Winning

We had earlier developed 11 audit-based on-job-training blueprints for the auditing sector, approved and funded by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) from 2014 to 2015. 

We implemented a holistic solution that included training employees on how to use the blueprints along with competency-based training and performance management. 

Result: One client won the 2014 Excellence in People Developer Award for the Accountancy Sector;

Result: Most clients achieved between 30% to 40% productivity improvement along with improved staff confidence and audit quality standard.



Game-Based Accounting & Finance Workshop

About the Programme

This programme is designed to help finance and non-finance participants gain a deeper understanding of resource flow in a business and how to positively impact its profitability and cash flow.  Participants will see the “big picture” of how cash moves and how they can make a meaningful contribution to the business. This programme has been successfully adapted and delivered to top management, middle management and new hires.

The programme is conducted using our proprietary accounting and finance board game that has been delivering astounding results for our clients. Participants who have completed the programme have consistently demonstrated their ability to understand and master the application of the accounting and finance concepts, in their workplace, within hours of playing the simulation.

Key Learning Outcome

• Gain familiarity and understanding of key financial terminology, accounting concepts and assumptions and how these affect the daily work of participants

• Appreciate how one’s daily job can impact an organization’s business objectives so that participants will become more vigilant in their work

• Realize the financial impact that errors can have on all the stakeholders of the company

• Recognize that some errors may seem negligible on surface but underlying it could be the tip of an iceberg

• Experience the preparation of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement to understand issues raised by finance department

• Understand that sound risk management is not only a corporate function but the responsibility of each individual staff.

Our Design Methodology

Help business owner analyse their business issues and design customised learning simulations to manifest issues. As their employees engage in the game-play, they 'realise' the issues which then invoke behavioural change that leads to improved performance.

Content Effectiveness & Programme Delivery

  • 82.4% of the participants who attended this programme have shown a better understanding and clarity on the subject matter
  • assessment results shown 70.5% improvement as opposed to 11.9% taken before the course.
  • 98% of the participants said they are able to:
  • • See how their work creates value on the bottom line of my organization.
  • • Understand how capital flows in an organization.
  • • Understand the power of internal improvements


Accounting & Finance Consulting & Outsourcing Services

  • Conduct Feasibility Study: Help business owner analyse their business needs and recommend appropriate accounting system
  • ​Setup Accounting System: Help business owner setup chart of accounts, import customers, suppliers and employees data 
  • ​Monthly Accounting & Reporting: Help business owners manage monthly financial statement preparation, reporting and analysis and review their compliance to CPF, IRAS, and other regulatory regime that affects their business.
  • Strategic Advisory: Help business owners review their business performance in terms of revenue model, costs structure and employee performance so as to align these to business goals
  • ​Technology: Help business owners leverage technologies to manage, train, engage and retain staff cost-effectively.
  •  Accounting & Finance Education: ​Help business owners train their employees in Accounting & Finance using customised game-based simulation scenarios so that every staff is aware of how they are impacting the revenue and profitability of the company


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